ThoomCare: The Association of Allied Thoom Healers

ThoomCare is an organization of Thoom Healers committed to providing medical services to the citizens of Puddleby. ThoomCare is Puddleby's only Health Maintenance Organization, and it provides healing to all exiles free of charge. All exiles automatically receive a ThoomCare insurance plan. ThoomCare members do request that you remember to /share with us so we can more efficiently and quickly heal you. We specialize in rescues. Effective healing while far away from Puddleby is one of our highest goals. Large groups of cooperative ThoomCare healers are well-suited for rescues or for the healing component of adventuring parties.

The following Thooms are members of Clan ThoomCare:

Inactive or retired members of ThoomCare:

The following Thooms have associate memberships in ThoomCare :

Associate members in ThoomCare already have a membership in a different clan (or belong to no clan) but maintain close ties with the members of ThoomCare.

The following exiles are ThoomCare Consulting Physicians:

ThoomCare Consulting Physicians often work closely with members of ThoomCare in a mutually beneficial relationship. We appreciate their help, knowledge, and healing skills, and they benefit from an alliance with our expanding Thoom healing community.

The following mystics are part of the ThoomCare Search and Recovery Network:

Mystics in the ThoomCare Search and Recovery Network help to identify and track down wounded exiles. Their services are invaluable for ThoomCare members.

The ThoomCare "Chain Gang" includes:

These fighters are affliated with ThoomCare and provide assistance during rescue operations by fighting off monsters or chaining victims to safety.

We would also like to thank Odesseus, Knack, and other fine exiles for contributing to the ThoomCare startup fund.

How to join ThoomCare:

New applicants must select a mentor or mentors. They must go on several hunts or rescues with their mentor(s) (at least three) before they are to be considered for clan membership.

Mentors are to instruct and evaluate prospective members during this period of apprenticeship.

Mentors are then to determine, based on their perception of the prospective member's skills and maturity, when to nominate the member for clan membership.

The mentor and prospective member then proceed to contact the clan founder (Paramedic) to arrange a time for an induction ceremony.

The History of ThoomCare

Mission Statement and message from the founder of ThoomCare

ThoomCare Field Hospital in South Forest

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Updated August 8, 2004