The Story of Paramedic
by Paramedic

I come from a family of healers. My parents are professors of medicine at Thoom University, Aquaria, in Shan Deral. I have followed the footsteps of my Thoomish ancestors, and am pursuing an advanced degree at TUA. I have finished all of my coursework and now I must complete my thesis.

When I first presented my research proposal to the members of my academic committee, it raised more than a few eyebrows. I proposed to travel to the Lok'Groton Islands and prepare a report on the health and welfare of those in exile from the Ascendancy. While researching, I argued, I could gain valuable experience with my specialties: triage and emergency/battlefield healing.

The members of my committee eventually embraced my idea, but they and my family were concerned that getting the necessary permits from the Imperial bureaucracy would be very difficult. Even worse, merely asking for permission to visit those in exile might bring suspicion upon me and those close to me.

Ultimately, I decided to make my trip in secret. Only my parents and a handful of trusted fellow scholars know that I am here. I keep in touch with them through coded letters smuggled out on pirate trading ships, and occasionally through discreet clandestine sunstoning. I miss my Thoomish friends and family a great deal, but I think the work I do here is worthwhile. One of my goals here has been to create a thriving Thoom community like that on the mainland, and Clan ThoomCare is the result of my efforts.

My experience here has been a remarkable one. I have met many brave fighters, powerful healers, and mystics whose knowledge of magical arts may soon rival that on the mainland. I am compiling notes on my research in my Notebook, which someday I hope to publish in a scholarly Thoom journal.

Until then, I will continue to work diligently here, hoping someday that these exiles will be reunited with their friends and family from the mainland.

Paramedic is a Thoom healer and a longtime resident of Puddleby.

Updated November 17, 1999