Mission Statement

Mission Statement for ThoomCare

Members of Clan ThoomCare are committed to healing the wounded or sick exiles of Puddleby.

Members of Clan ThoomCare specialize in sending a representative of the clan along with all exploration or hunting parties. ThoomCare members also effectively form large groups of healers to deal with emergency situations.

ThoomCare seeks to heal all exiles regardless of gender, race, disability, or clan affiliation. ThoomCare does reserve the right for each individual member to evaluate an emergency situation to see who is best healed first. ThoomCare members also are fully empowered to refrain from healing those whose actions are hazardous to others.

ThoomCare healers are encouraged to practice their abilities in combat as well as in healing. A good healer is a strong healer.

ThoomCare members are part of an organized coalition of independent Thoom healers. It is important to note that they maintain a great deal of autonomy within the larger whole. A good healer is one who can make good decisions on his or her own while in dangerous situations. 

To those Thooms who are considering joining the clan:

Please allow me to assure you that ThoomCare is not a clan with a lot of stifling rules or restrictions. ThoomCare allows you to maintain the independence you have enjoyed in the past. If you are interested in joining, please contact me.

To all exiles:

Your previous health insurance coverage under the old ThoomCare before the Ripture Wars will be automatically rolled over into your new policy. As before, all services are free. Thoom healers do appreciate spirit linking and coins though.

Paramedic, Thoom Healer

Updated November 29, 1999