Missing in Action

The following exiles are missing. Some may have wandered off to faraway lands, while others may not have survived the Ripture Wars. I remember these exiles fondly. Please be sure to let me know if you hear any word of their condition. Below the list are some sketches of a few.

Ben Dryhound, father of Michael Aridfox. Mr. Dryhound was one of the founding members of ThoomCare.

Chaos: a true Renaissance Thoom. He has been missing since the Ripture Wars.

The mysterious Mai. The question of her divinity remains unanswered. Mai's Garden, in the center of Puddleby, is named after her.

Mary Jane
Mary Jane, one of the original six members of ThoomCare. She disappeared during the Ripture Wars.

Feline Miriam
Is furry yet dangerous
Monsters should beware!

Miriam is no longer missing!

Brave warrior Nip did not survive the Ripture Wars.

Salamander turns
Salamander turns away in horror as Puddleby's Civil Defense Plan once again proves woefully inadequate.

Speedo dies!
Speedo prepares to end it all at the onset of the Ripture Wars.

Wastrel did not survive the Ripture Wars. He was one of the original ThoomCare members.

Mr Pudding (no longer missing) heals Jo' Mamma during a Greymyr attack. [CL v. 68]

Updated July 16, 2002